about bantrygrove - AboutOur founder Reece Rice was always a wine lover. As a teenager, he used to go to his aunt’s vineyard on the outskirts of town. There he would spend his vacation with his family. They produced seasonal wines and even though it was a small vineyard, it provided jobs.

When Reece turned 18, he dedicated himself full time to helping his aunt with the production.

For several years, the vineyard became the family’s source of income. Little by little, the wine that they made with so much love and effort became popular in the city. Every market, restaurant, or cafeteria in town offered the wine.

Thanks to the effort and constant work of his family, the people of the city are delighted with his wines. There are more and more people interested in knowing everything about wine. The way to serve it, how to know which is best for each meal, and how to taste them correctly.

It’s for this reason that Reece decided to launchBantry Grove. An online magazine to keep in touch with all wine lovers in Australia and around the world. You will be able to read the most complete reviews about the best vineyards in the country and the world.

You will learn about the festivals and events that you cannot miss. Also, the tastings that you have to experience at least once in your life. You’ll keep updated with the best information about wine culture.

Here you can learn everything you need to know to become a connoisseur and enjoy a good glass of wine.

If you are a wine lover, this is the perfect online magazine for you.