Corporate Party Planning 101 – Tips, Food and Wine Menu Ideas


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Importance of a Corporate Event

Corporate events keep employees satisfied, happy, and engaged.

It’s the best way to strengthen the ties between the employee, customers, investors, and the employer. Corporate events showcase the company’s values by appreciating everyone’s efforts and achievements.

Without a doubt, worthwhile efforts.

Tips for Organizing a Corporate Event

The Purpose

You must be clear about your objectives and expectations to determine the type of event you want to offer.


Keep in mind a real budget that fits the needs you are looking for.


Break down the list of tasks that are required to organize the corporate event many months in advance. This way you can have everything in order and with plenty of time to organize.

Location and Theme

Once you know the type of event you are going to give and the decoration you have in mind, look for the right location. For this, you need to know exactly how many people will be attending, so that everyone will have enough space to enjoy your party.

Plan the Logistics

Identifying and hiring the necessary equipment.  Make sure everyone is clear about their task.

Menu of Dishes and Wines

Depending on the theme you chose for your corporate event, you will select the food and wine menu. Here are some brilliant ideas.

Large Dinner Party

They’re usually for parties that are on holiday. To select the wine, considerlocal wine from Australia. Try with cool-climate Pinot Noir. This wine will delight all your guests while you make the perfect meal to accompany them.

Swanky Dinner Party

A stylish, high-end party will make your guests never forget it. The Australian sparkling wine is perfect for this. Try Tasmanian Méthode Champenoise or Victorian Prosecco-style sparkling. Includes decorative desserts that complement the flavour of the wine.

Relaxed Party

If you chose something much more relaxed, try Chardonnay from around Australia and Hunter Valley Semillon. It’s the most popular white wine in the country. Perfect with any meal you choose whether it is a vegetarian option like light salads or a soft chicken with fine herbs.

Any company that wants to build lasting relationships needs to know how to produce professional events. Follow these tips and don’t forget that the most important thing will be to keep the bonds between your employees and you.

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