How-To Guide on Wine Club Events


One of the great reasons why people sign up for wine clubs is to taste delicious wines. Above all, to taste everything your vintage has to offer. To make your event stand out, attract new members to join and keep current members happy, follow these tips.

Adapt to your Budget

Always remember to choose events that fit your budget and club members. If most have children, try to do daytime events with children’s entertainment.

Think about events depending on the occasion or time of year you are in. This way you can make them thematic and attract much more attention.

Treasure Hunt

Ideal for Easter time. You could have the members look for Easter eggs adapted to the wine theme. Everyone will remember with much love every space in your vineyard.

Halloween Night

This date is ideal. Nothing better than all your members in costume while they taste your wonderful wines. Reward the best disguise of the night with a bottle of your best vintage.

Warm Meetings

A meeting inside the winery is ideal in winter. This way, everyone will be kept warm with your wines and remember how nice it is to spend days in the vineyard along with the sun.

Vineyard Tour

The tours are perfect to remind your members and those who wish to be part of it, of the history of the vineyard. Reminding them of the beginnings and the love for wine production will make them feel important.

It’s all about putting your imagination to work and adjusting your budget based on your needs. The more events you do, the more you make your members feel welcome and likefamily.

Offer them discounts on entrance tickets so they can sell them to their friends, and you will make your vineyard known to more people.

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