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Is it Possible? – Hosting a Company Party at a Winery

Offering a corporate event in a vineyard is one of the best ideas. Not only is it an elegant option, but it also offers many benefits such as quality catering, delicious wines, and an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

Vineyards are perfect for disconnecting from everything.

Itis in direct contact with nature and you. This is ideal to make your employees focus on improving the bonds between them and doing activities that unite and strengthen them as a team.

Another great benefit is that you don’t have to worry about food. All the vineyards offer their food prepared by a professional chef who will prepare the ideal dishes to complement the wines of the house. This is perfect after a day of team activity.

Is it Possible Hosting a Company Party at a Winery 1 - Is it Possible? - Hosting a Company Party at a Winery

Some offer a spa on their premises. This would be perfect for your employees to relax after a meal. This will certainly motivate them, even more, to be the best and achieve all the goals in common.

Others offer cooking classes, vineyard tours, and dance games. Some packages include yoga and meditation. Keeping this in mind is perfect to make your corporate event modern and fit all the employees.

Playamo Casino and other growing companies alike know that today’s corporate events go beyond just throwing a party in a closed room. That’s why they plan retreats in vineyards where for a whole day their employees can feel at ease with each other.

Without a doubt, hosting a company party in a vineyard will be your best choice. You will only have to worry about choosing what you want to offer among all the options they have for you.

The vineyards have their event organizers who will make everything you have in mind a reality. The best thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about anything other than your budget.

The next time you want to host a corporate party, consider the vineyards in your city. The experience will be so rewarding that you will want to repeat it several times a year.

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Corporate Party Planning 101 – Tips, Food and Wine Menu Ideas

All online casino companies like Playamo Casino throw amazing parties for their employees. This is the best way to celebrate successes and keep employees motivated.

Importance of a Corporate Event

Corporate events keep employees satisfied, happy, and engaged.

It’s the best way to strengthen the ties between the employee, customers, investors, and the employer. Corporate events showcase the company’s values by appreciating everyone’s efforts and achievements.

Without a doubt, worthwhile efforts.

Tips for Organizing a Corporate Event

The Purpose

You must be clear about your objectives and expectations to determine the type of event you want to offer.


Keep in mind a real budget that fits the needs you are looking for.


Break down the list of tasks that are required to organize the corporate event many months in advance. This way you can have everything in order and with plenty of time to organize.

Location and Theme

Once you know the type of event you are going to give and the decoration you have in mind, look for the right location. For this, you need to know exactly how many people will be attending, so that everyone will have enough space to enjoy your party.

Plan the Logistics

Identifying and hiring the necessary equipment.  Make sure everyone is clear about their task.

Menu of Dishes and Wines

Depending on the theme you chose for your corporate event, you will select the food and wine menu. Here are some brilliant ideas.

Large Dinner Party

They’re usually for parties that are on holiday. To select the wine, considerlocal wine from Australia. Try with cool-climate Pinot Noir. This wine will delight all your guests while you make the perfect meal to accompany them.

Swanky Dinner Party

A stylish, high-end party will make your guests never forget it. The Australian sparkling wine is perfect for this. Try Tasmanian Méthode Champenoise or Victorian Prosecco-style sparkling. Includes decorative desserts that complement the flavour of the wine.

Relaxed Party

If you chose something much more relaxed, try Chardonnay from around Australia and Hunter Valley Semillon. It’s the most popular white wine in the country. Perfect with any meal you choose whether it is a vegetarian option like light salads or a soft chicken with fine herbs.

Any company that wants to build lasting relationships needs to know how to produce professional events. Follow these tips and don’t forget that the most important thing will be to keep the bonds between your employees and you.

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Millthorpe Mouthful – Everything for Wine Lovers

In this event, you will be able to enjoy the best of the wine that Millthorpe has to offer. You will be able to take a tour of each winery. Angullong, Bantry Grove, and Tamburlaine will be waiting to offer you appetizers with four of theirbest wines.

The tour starts with a visit toAngullong. Then together with a guide you will go to Bantry Grove and end up at Tamburlaine. In each winery, you will have one hour to learn more about what they have to offer.

Millthorpe Mouthful Everything for Wine Lovers 2 - Millthorpe Mouthful - Everything for Wine Lovers

At the end of the event, you will be able to walk around the best stores in Millthorpe.

A bus willbe taking you and bringing you back with a varied schedule that you can choose depending on your needs.

You can enjoy this tour with your family, friends or alone. The fun will surely make the hoursfly by. It’s the best option for wine and food lovers who like to learn and experience new adventures.

It will be a full day starting at 11 am and ending at 5 pm. You will be able to relax and leave your entertainment in charge of the guides who will take you to these 3 incredible wineries. You will taste white and red wines that you will surely want to take as a souvenir.

Millthorpe Mouthful Everything for Wine Lovers 1 - Millthorpe Mouthful - Everything for Wine Lovers

Millthorpe Mouthful is one of the most popular tours in Australia. More and more people are coming from other cities in the country and the world. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will surely want to have long-lasting memories of this amazing event.

The kindness of its inhabitants and the characteristic joy of this place will make you return for more.

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7 Upcoming Wine Events in Australia You Can’t Miss

Australia is a country well known for the joy of its people. This is perhaps because every year many events are held throughout the country to celebrate the best of wine and food. Below you can read a list of some of the best Australian wine events.

Good Food & Wine Show

Held each year in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane from May to October, you can delight friends and family with the best of local food and wine. You can enjoy the food of the best chefs and masterclasses who will undoubtedly give you the best cooking tips.

7 Upcoming Wine Events in Australia You Cant Miss 1 - 7 Upcoming Wine Events in Australia You Can't Miss

The Prosecco Festival

Held during February you can enjoy the best prosecco and Italian tradition in Australia. More than 50 wines are offered to taste along with pizzas, cheeses, pasta, and the best of Italian cuisine.

Noosa Food & Wine Festival

Held in Queensland, you can enjoy the best of wine and seafood around an exotic landscape that will make you want to return every year.

Pinot Palooza Perth

The biggest Pinot party brings together people from Australia and around the world with wine and music in one place.

McLaren Vale Sea & Vines Festival

A festival that exposes the best of art, music, wine, and markets to the world from the majestic Australian beaches.

The Taste of Tasmania

This free event celebrates the best of local wine and food with a breath-taking ocean view. Live music and fun performances are provided at this festival to entertain all attendees.

Vintage Tamar

It is held every year during the last weekend of May in northern Tasmania. The Tamar Valley celebrates the best of its wineries and its wine harvest. Festivalgoers can choose from 22 wineries to visit with buses going up and down to get there.

After reading this list, you will most likely want to attend them all and be surprised at how beautiful Australia is and all it has to offer.

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How-To Guide on Wine Club Events

One of the great reasons why people sign up for wine clubs is to taste delicious wines. Above all, to taste everything your vintage has to offer. To make your event stand out, attract new members to join and keep current members happy, follow these tips.

Adapt to your Budget

Always remember to choose events that fit your budget and club members. If most have children, try to do daytime events with children’s entertainment.

Think about events depending on the occasion or time of year you are in. This way you can make them thematic and attract much more attention.

Treasure Hunt

Ideal for Easter time. You could have the members look for Easter eggs adapted to the wine theme. Everyone will remember with much love every space in your vineyard.

Halloween Night

This date is ideal. Nothing better than all your members in costume while they taste your wonderful wines. Reward the best disguise of the night with a bottle of your best vintage.

Warm Meetings

A meeting inside the winery is ideal in winter. This way, everyone will be kept warm with your wines and remember how nice it is to spend days in the vineyard along with the sun.

Vineyard Tour

The tours are perfect to remind your members and those who wish to be part of it, of the history of the vineyard. Reminding them of the beginnings and the love for wine production will make them feel important.

It’s all about putting your imagination to work and adjusting your budget based on your needs. The more events you do, the more you make your members feel welcome and likefamily.

Offer them discounts on entrance tickets so they can sell them to their friends, and you will make your vineyard known to more people.

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Slow Wine Co – Full Wine Review

Slow Wine Co offers an incredible wine cellar that you can taste along with delicious appetizers. Below you can read a review of some of the exquisite wines that it offers and that characterize them so much.


This 2017 white wine is made from grapes harvested and gently pressed for minimal skin and phenolic extraction.

It has been fermented at 13 degrees for 3 weeks and rested for 5 to 6 months. With a clean, crisp mineral finish of fine pits, it has an exquisite floral aroma. It is perfect to enjoy with oysters or fish.

Slow Wine Co Full Wine Review 1 - Slow Wine Co - Full Wine Review

Chardonnay 2013

An incredible white wine from 2013. With a cold climate, it has a unique fruit aroma that combines with soft oak tannins for a long and satisfying finish.

Chardonnay 2015

This white wine with a creamy finish vintage in 2015, is unique in its style. It has fresh and well-structured tasting notes with touches of lime, caramel, spices, and fig. It is perfect to be accompanied by creamy pasta dishes. This wine won the bronze medal at the 2017 Orange Wine Show.

Family Reserve Merlot

A red wine from the 2016 vintage, distinguished by its medium body, subtle plum notes with soft oak tannins.

Slow Wine Co Full Wine Review 2 - Slow Wine Co - Full Wine Review

Family Reserve Pinot Noir

Delicious 2016 red wine winner of the Silver Medal at the 2017 Orange Wine Show. It has an aroma of cherry, pepper, and spices with a touch of layers of toasted oak. A perfect wine to accompany any type of dish.


An elegant red wine from the 2014 vintage. It has a medium body with very subtle plum notes combined with oak tannins. Without a doubt a red wine that you can’t miss.


White wine from the 2016 harvest. Perfectly perfumed with rose water and spices. A slightly charred body and perfect to accompany meals from the Middle East, Asia, and India.

Slow Wine Co Full Wine Review3 - Slow Wine Co - Full Wine Review


Red wine vintage 2018. Made from Pinot Noir grapes, it is a dry wine that combines soft berry flavours and aromas. It has a fine, crisp acidity that gives a textural finish. Ideal to complement light salads, pasta, or rice dishes. Also suitable for seafood, grilled fish, and goat cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc

White wine vintage 2015. It is a complex wine with a creamy finish. It has a tropical fruit aroma with a touch of nettle. Ideal to accompany vegetarian pizzas and goat cheeses.

The Slow Wine Co vineyard is characterized by being one of the most attractive for tourism. Its varied offer of wines knows how to please the most demanding palates of locals and visitors.

Everything under a production system that seeks the natural, the organic, following the roots of the local culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste these delicious wines that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.