Slow Wine Co – Full Wine Review


Slow Wine Co offers an incredible wine cellar that you can taste along with delicious appetizers. Below you can read a review of some of the exquisite wines that it offers and that characterize them so much.


This 2017 white wine is made from grapes harvested and gently pressed for minimal skin and phenolic extraction.

It has been fermented at 13 degrees for 3 weeks and rested for 5 to 6 months. With a clean, crisp mineral finish of fine pits, it has an exquisite floral aroma. It is perfect to enjoy with oysters or fish.

Slow Wine Co Full Wine Review 1 - Slow Wine Co - Full Wine Review

Chardonnay 2013

An incredible white wine from 2013. With a cold climate, it has a unique fruit aroma that combines with soft oak tannins for a long and satisfying finish.

Chardonnay 2015

This white wine with a creamy finish vintage in 2015, is unique in its style. It has fresh and well-structured tasting notes with touches of lime, caramel, spices, and fig. It is perfect to be accompanied by creamy pasta dishes. This wine won the bronze medal at the 2017 Orange Wine Show.

Family Reserve Merlot

A red wine from the 2016 vintage, distinguished by its medium body, subtle plum notes with soft oak tannins.

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Family Reserve Pinot Noir

Delicious 2016 red wine winner of the Silver Medal at the 2017 Orange Wine Show. It has an aroma of cherry, pepper, and spices with a touch of layers of toasted oak. A perfect wine to accompany any type of dish.


An elegant red wine from the 2014 vintage. It has a medium body with very subtle plum notes combined with oak tannins. Without a doubt a red wine that you can’t miss.


White wine from the 2016 harvest. Perfectly perfumed with rose water and spices. A slightly charred body and perfect to accompany meals from the Middle East, Asia, and India.

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Red wine vintage 2018. Made from Pinot Noir grapes, it is a dry wine that combines soft berry flavours and aromas. It has a fine, crisp acidity that gives a textural finish. Ideal to complement light salads, pasta, or rice dishes. Also suitable for seafood, grilled fish, and goat cheese.

Sauvignon Blanc

White wine vintage 2015. It is a complex wine with a creamy finish. It has a tropical fruit aroma with a touch of nettle. Ideal to accompany vegetarian pizzas and goat cheeses.

The Slow Wine Co vineyard is characterized by being one of the most attractive for tourism. Its varied offer of wines knows how to please the most demanding palates of locals and visitors.

Everything under a production system that seeks the natural, the organic, following the roots of the local culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste these delicious wines that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.